Cheri Schmidt and Tristan Hunt
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From Cheri A Schmidt & Tristan Hunt

"I read to escape. I write for the same reason. Sometimes life is difficult... So for just a little while, escape reality with me."

Cheri Schmidt, author of the successful Fateful Vampire Series, and Tristan Hunt, a seasoned narrator, have joined forces as writers to create exciting new chapters in the Fateful world, as well as new paranormal romance adventures like the first installment in the Fairy Tales of the Fey series, Sleeping Beauty's Very Untimely Murder.

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Cheri's Mystery Book box is the perfect fall treat, with magic in the air and monsters lurking in the dark, the contents of this box are lovingly selected to keep you on the edge of your seat during those crisp, spooky nights.

Celebrate Tristan's birthday with him in an exclusive halloween Live Stream in which you are the special guest!


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