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The Audiobook of The Order of Curse-Bound Knights is now available!

Please enjoy this exclusive behind the scenes bonus video of production for The Order of Curse-Bound Knights:

To listen to the completed audio sample of this behind the scenes, check that out here:

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Actor Tristan Hunt (aka Jason Downs) is currently producing all of Cheri’s books into audio. Fateful, Fractured, and Forever are available NOW! The Order of Curse-Bound Knights is currently in production. Watch YouTube for current updates and behind the scenes of production.

Audio of Cheri’s books are available  in the USA from Amazon, Audible, or iTunes.

Also from AU Audible.

And from UK Audible.

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Then if you become an  AudibleListener® member on Audible, you can get all of the other books at a discount. Once you’ve listened to how Tristan portrays these characters, I think you’ll be hooked, and then you’ll want to listen to everything else he does… (At least that is what everyone is telling me so far. I’ve actually had readers come up to me in a panic checking to make sure he really is doing the other books after they’ve listened to Fateful.)

Praise for Tristan’s performance: (Most reviews were posted on

First, I am usually wary about listening to the audible version of books especially because I love to leave the character’s personalities to my own imagination. Schmidt (author) and Tristan (narrator) definitely changed my opinion for this book as I both read and listened to the story. I can’t express enough my unexpected surprise at how well the audio version portrayed the story SO closely to what I envisioned. ~The Book Stalker Reviewed

Tristan Hunt is, in my opinion, THE Jim Dale of Fantasy Romance. ~Cassandra

The writing was thrilling and engaging all the way through! The narrator did an outstanding job with presenting emotions and mood of each character. Oh la la for sure! ~A. C.

It’s so romantic, and the narrator does a great job! Tristan brings emotion to the story. I love reading the book, but having a real person narrate the story really brings it to life. It makes it a lot more exciting. ~Heather

The narrator was great! I love when he switched to his “American Girly” voice! Great plot, Great characters, Great Narrator. What else can I say but GREAT! ~KSWilde

*fans self* If Tristan Hunt decides to read the phone book, I’m in! Fabulous reader. Loved his accents–he did American really well. Loved the way he handled the various scenes and gave a slight though fun twist to the voices of some of the more common characters. I hate when male readers take the female voices too high and make them almost a mockery. Tristan does the females voices very well. ~D. R. Weaver

Which character – as performed by Tristan Hunt – was your favourite? Danielle’s uncle Nick, there was a part where he was telling a story and Tristan spoke in such a perfect tone that even I felt shivers. If you could sum up Fateful in three words, what would they be? Emotional, beautiful and soulful. If you prefer audio books then get the first book right now, narrated perfectly by Tristan Hunt. Definitely a 5 star rating from me. ~Beks in the UK

What does Tristan Hunt bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you had only read the book? I loved the way Tristan brought Max’s character to life in exactly the way I imagined it. Tristan told the story in a wonderful hybrid of watching a movie and listening to a friend that was easy and comfortable with the perfect amount of expression and performance… So beautifully written and performed that I shed a tear or two. ~Leanne in the UK

A note from Cheri: In the past, I’ve had readers who’ve been suffering from something difficult in their lives, like cancer, email me saying that my books helped them cope with trauma, that it gave them an emotional escape. I can honestly say that Tristan did the same thing for me with my own books! He drew me back into the stories I wrote so long ago, brought the characters to life for me, and brought that emotional escape to me as I’ve suffered with the dark things of reality. I just feel a sense of gratitude to this person that I’ve never even met for being willing to produce my books for me. He’s done a lot of hard work, has been patient with my quirkiness, and I think he’s very talented in telling a story.

Meet the narrator: Tristan Hunt (aka Jason Downs) has been performing professionally for 30 years. He has appeared in films (Racing Daylight, Clara’s Heart, Hairspray), on TV (Saturday Nite Live), on stage (Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest) and in commercials. His first paid job was a voice over at the age of 10 and he has loved recording ever since. His voice has been featured in film, in advertisements and in video games. He was also signed to Jive records and released two albums as a singer/songwriter resulting in a top 20 hit in the United Kingdom. He began narrating books in March of this year and has eight releases available so far. Telling stories is something he truly loves to do and looks forward to doing for a long time to come.

(This photo of Tristan was taken by Adam Weiss.)

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